U. S. Senators Are Betraying The Voters!

The U.S. Senate acts like a kangaroo court; and when its own members object to the hypocrisy and corruption there is a silence.

Although being addicted and dependent on the counterfeit ring of the unConstitutional coup is the sad condition of these vile politicians, yet they may have heard what Senator DeMint said about the aroused interest everywhere he goes - by the voters - about what the Federal Reserve is doing.

Do these politicians realize that they will not be able to sweet talk their way out of their blatant disregard for the wishes of their electorate?

The unConstitutional coup cannot make the people vote for these corrupt collaborators, especially during an unprecedented economic downturn.

Let your Senator know that a vote against auditing the Federal Reserve is a major political mistake and that it is wholly unethical.

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