Atheists And Ego-Driven Interpreters Bring About Oppression.

Property rights are human rights! As we can see, liberty does have limits. Violation of property rights by someone who says that they should have the liberty to do whatever they want is not anarchy but criminal.

At some point ethics enters into the picture and then all of the sudden we are either on our own and victims of ego-driven interpreters or we resign ourselves to what has been given by those who are recognized as selfless Lawgivers informing us about the Will of God.

The ego-driven interpreters are ego-driven: which means that they will ultimately seek the power to coercively subject others to their will. Contrast that to voluntary resignation to the ethics provided by the selfless Lawgivers.

The atheists, by denying the divine authority of the selfless Lawgivers, empower the ego-driven interpreters and therefore are part of the problem rather than part of the solution.

Atheism is spiritual laziness. Instead of doing the hard work of searching, and then searching some more and continually striving and searching, they simply cast aside the universal truths that have nurtured humankind from the beginning of recorded history. But that laziness comes at a cost! It empowers the ego-driven interpreters to find ways to accumulate power which is then used to oppress others.

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