Deflation Is Not The Big Bad Boogeyman!

Like with most economic issues there is very little true understanding. It may seem odd but almost all trained economists just regurgitate what they were taught. They do not delve into theory to try to find coherence. One reason is because they have been taught the empirical methodology so almost instantly they would be submerged in mathematical gibberish that has no coherence.

And so what remains is a covey of academic, economic imbeciles who regurgitate Keynesian doctrine. 'Prices are sticky downwards' is some supreme law in Keynesianism and anything that would disrupt that 'great law' would cause great havoc!

To ask questions about why deflation is a bad thing causes these economic charlatans to leap into a fog of pseudo-political discussion to cover their economic ignorance and as a diversionary tactic.

Deflation is as natural as your exhale.

Don't hold your breath waiting on economic wisdom from the empirically trained ego-driven interpreters or the ego-driven interventionists!

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