Four Steps To 'Cure' The Health Care Problem!

When there is an economic problem it can be solved if:

a). the economic charlatans who are ego-driven interventionists are ignored,

b). and instead the advice of a brilliant economist is adhered to.

Regarding what appears to be uncontrolled skyrocketing of health care expenses the economic solution is pretty simple. There are four major steps needed which removes the corruption of interventionism. Here they are, according to Hans-Herman Hoppe:

1. Eliminate all licensing requirements for medical schools, hospitals, pharmacies, and medical doctors and other health-care personnel.

2. Eliminate all government restrictions on the production and sale of pharmaceutical products and medical devices.

3. Deregulate the health-insurance industry.

4. Eliminate all subsidies to the sick or unhealthy.

This cure may seem like a strong dose of justice but ultimately it is the remedy for the cancerous socialism and the addictive interventionism.

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