Happy Birthday Greetings To The Mises Institute!

I always considered myself as part of the second crop which probably makes sense since I was not a Mises Fellow, just a fellow student in Austrian economics at Auburn at the same time as Mark Thornton.

When the Mises Institute was still in diapers in a tiny building in the parking lot of the football stadium I was likewise just barely learning to walk (process thoughts like a classical liberal).

Now the Mises Institute is fully mature and its powers of intellect are fully developed. It will have to take on the frivilous and reckless ego-driven interventionists but through perserverence and fortitude ("Do not give in to evil, but proceed ever more boldly against it.") knowledge will flow and the market process will bloom.

I loved the little insight provided today by Lew Rockwell about the early unsurpassed band of collaborators: Margit von Mises, Murray N. Rothbard, Ron Paul, F.A. Hayek, and Hans F. Sennholz.

Although 27, the candles of liberty and peace that have been lit around the world are now a conflagration that no wind can blow out! I sure hope you receive many birthday gifts!

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