Reminder To Incumbents: 'Mobs' Will Vote You Out Of Office!

Cruising along in the past with fluff as their primary content now the elected representatives have to go back to their districts and face real people with a clear picture of what has been voted for and what has been voted against. The fluff cannot cover their tracks and their appearance among the people does not make people happy but rather it gives the people a chance to penetrate the shroud used to insulate the elected official from real concerns.

Real concerns by real people who are unhappy with how the elected representative is voting does not sound like 'mobs' but rather it sounds like the ceremonial end to the incumbents 'hope' for re-election.

The more the incumbents mislabel and try to ignore what the people are saying the more likely it is that the incumbent will be defeated in the next election. What is it that these ego-driven interventionists do not understand about how elections work?

Will the elected representatives reject the schemes and economic terrrorism of the unConstitutional coup or will they reject the demands of the people in their district and even become fearful of returning 'home?'

In other words do these politicians think that they can win elections by admitting that they are nothing but corrupt fascists and socialists?

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