What Kind Of Deal Did Bernanke Make?

After campaigning hard for re-appointment we find out who is immediately cashing in, now that Bernanke has been re-appointed.

"For our support of your reappointment we will expect the chairmanship of the New York Federal Reserve Bank." The number of hogs feeding at the trough is getting larger and the flow of slop is dwindling. Will the hogs begin to fight amongst themselves?

Who are the hogs? The members of the inner circle of the unConstitutional coup, their fascist buddies, their socialist buddies, the pompous academics and politicians that are used as pawns, and now the mobster union types.

Diversionary tactics may fool some people but not enough and so the trough will become a place of conflict between these gluttonous hogs.

Bernanke cannot keep them all fed by creating fiat money out of thin air. He better hope that he doesn't slip and fall into the trough because they will eat him alive!

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