Afghanistan Is Not A Place For Playground Bullies!

Here is how it works. The unConstitutional coup in the United States is the big player in international monetary hegemony. As such it receives requests for favors from special groups like the military industrial complex and the medical industrial complex (including pharmaceuticals), to mention two of the biggest.

It would be too revealing of a corruption to just funnel money directly to these sycophants. Also these economic terrorists who compose the membership of the inner circle of the unConstitutional coup are ego-driven interventionists. In other words they are ignorant of economic reality and so they believe that they can use the economy to serve their needs just like Keynesianism proclaims!

The bigger the playground the more they can spend! In Afghanistan the military industrial complex thought that it could easily be the playground bully. But the big, burly bully cannot find its victims. While looking to the left his shoe laces are tied together. When he looks to his right he sees his victim and with arrogance and aggressiveness he begins to pursue! After falling on his face he begins to cry and McChrystal runs to get help!

It is very important that we END THE FED so the unConstitutional coup is cut off and exposed as a traitorous band of economic terrorists.

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