American Statesmanship Versus The Propaganda Machine.

What does it look like to have a true statesman speaking for 56 minutes (with no script) to a mixed audience, but one mostly made up of college students who are well informed about the economy and about the corruption in government?

Contrast that with the attempts to propagandize grade school children who are held captive in a public school with no dissent allowed! Contrast that also with the political rhetoric and outright lies fed to politicians by devices in their ears which enable them to just mimic what they hear being signaled to them.

''Cash for Clunkers is the perfect metaphor for the bankrupt ideas and political corruption of the puppet class, the class of tax consumers who do the bidding of the unConstitutional coup in return for their blood-money and 'position.' The 'Cash' represents the bribe money and the 'Clunkers' represents the burdensome economic imbeciles and immoral, ego-driven interventionists that treasonously serve the unConstitutional coup.

These 'Clunkers' get the 'Cash' while honest and productive citizens are robbed over and over again!

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