The Immoral Counterfeiter Steals Until Stopped!

What we do know is that counterfeiting is an immoral act. And we know that the counterfeiter is the initiator of a sequence of immoral and corrupt acts.

Thus we have a feeding frenzy by the ego-driven interventionists as they hover around the spigot where the money comes out. And this is what we are supposed to believe means that the Fed is 'independent!'

These crooks running the counterfeit operation are now in trouble. Instead of greasing palms and lining pockets they have to use their funny money to try to hide their criminal activites and to hide all the bribes strategically showered all around in the judicial, legislative and executive branches of government (that, sad to say, has been usurped by an unConstitutional coup).

An educated public is the worst possible situation for the counterfeit ring. It means that we are getting close to the time when the inner circle of the unConstitutional coup will have to run and hide from the wrath of the people whose wealth was stolen.

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