G-20 In Pittsburgh Makes A Statement To Posterity!

It is especially fitting that the native Pittsburgher, Ron Paul, spoke about the G-20 meeting in Pittsburgh. In a succinct message Congressman Paul identified the needle in the haystack of global issues. In fact it is this needle that administers the stupifying drugs of the ego-driven interventionists that is mostly the cause of all of the other global issues!

Fiat world currency, whether it is the plunging dollar or some other artificial and corrupt money devised by the ego-driven, is a loud pronouncement to posterity that we are living in the Dark Ages of economics, in an age of economic imbecility and perverse political corruption.

As a native Pittsburgher myself, I too join Ron Paul in protest of fiat currencies. Regarding the United States, constitutionally gold and silver are supposed to be the basis of the monetary system. Regarding all of humanity, gold and silver have always been chosen as the medium of exchange when trustworthiness and honor were the ends aspired towards.

Since the G-20 will scheme for some kind of fiat currency it is not trustworthiness and honor that they aspire towards. These ego-driven interventionists aspire towards dishonorable theft and various and sundry corruptions.

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