The Shoe (Shot) That Was Heard Around The World!

Now the voice of the one who threw the shoe!

Will the imperialistic unConstitutional coup in the United States be able to keep these words of this sincere Iraqi out of the reach of the worldwide media? Let's hope not.

Let's hope that the vulgar ego-driven interventionism of the economic terrorists that make up the inner circle of the unConstitutional coup is exposed widely.

Oppression by these thieving and counterfeiting ego-driven interventionists is a worldwide blight on humanity and it is the cause of most of the suffering in the world, either directly or indirectly. It is shameful that the name of America is tainted because of their usurpation of the reigns of this once great Constitutional Republic.

Read this personal account by Mutadhar al-Zaidi and judge it fairly and with an unbiased mind.

Restore dignity to America by expressing your total disgust with the way Congress has ignored the Constitution. Hold each elected representative responsible and make obedience to their oath "to uphold and defend the Constitution" the chief criterion, when voting.

True change means restoring the Constitutional Republic!

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