Imposing Tariffs Exposes The Fascism Of The Socialists!

The socialist/fascist mentality demands funding from somewhere to support its bloated and oppressive system. Since tariffs are taxes and since most people believe the mercantilistic and nationalistic propaganda of the ego-driven interventionists, tariffs are one of the weapons used to extract wealth from the market, wealth that would otherwise be freely flowing as part of free trade.

And so it is obvious who are the socialists/fascists. It is all those who seek to impose tariffs in addition to all of the other various taxes, and in addtion to the counterfeiting done by the Federal Reserve, and in addition to all of the borrowing.

The crimes of these economic terrorists are examples of one corruption piled on top of another. The tenor of the crimes now-a-days is the fascism-of-the-socialists in slight contrast to the socialism-of-the-fascists practiced in the recent past. This is what all the hype of the "change" rhetoric was all about.

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