Increase The Debt Limit To Infinity, But Secretly!

As things get more and more bizarre (in other words - worse) everything has to be more and more secretive. It has to take on the characteristics of its originator - the unConstitutional coup. The coup is secretive, else people would know that our Constitutional Republic has been usurped by economic terrorists. Their schemes of ego-driven interventionism have to be camouflaged by propaganda, else people would know that the enemy is domestic (". . . enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC").

And to have Geithner endorse raising the debt limit is just another sign of the total powerlessness of these criminals to hold back the forces of equilibrium.

And just like trying to hide raising the debt limit the members of the inner circle of the unConstitutional coup are desperately trying to hide their identity from the millions of victims of their theft and warfare. No doubt, creditors will abandon them and their victims will find them.

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