It Is Deduction That Validates Both Science And Religion.

What could be more empirically true or more logically true than the appearance of Manifestations of God throughout the history of humankind and the resulting advancement of civilization either directly or indirectly attributable to the knowledge that They impart?

To selectively ignore this (even if it is because of the good reason of how religion has been corrupted over the years by the ego-driven interpreters) puts such a perspective into the precarious category of a half-truth.

Science is merely another powerful tool to be used to discover. But remember - the tool of science can easily be corrupted, take economic empiricism for example. In that form it is nothing but superstition (for example, Keynesianism). Or take for example environmentalism as it is twisted into various political schemes. Science is a powerful tool, but it too can be and has been corrupted. Yet those who are perceptive can discern and pursue the beauty and purity of science and thereby advance civilization.

Religion is likewise a powerful tool that has the same weaknesses as science. It can be and has been corrupted. But like science it has a beauty and purity - that can and has lead to the advancement of civilization.

To claim that one (in other words, only science or only religion) is the only true way is a blemish on the heart and mind of a seeker after truth. If that blemish is treated with atheism it will worsen.

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