The Market Speaks The Truth: "Lookout!"

The market is the 'speaker of the truth' which explains why the ego-driven interventionists do not want anyone to consider market solutions. Hence all the denigration of the market and all of the misinformation about it.

Not only will the market forces re-align the economy towards justice but it will also expose the injustices of the ego-driven interventionists.

Is this the cycle of destruction in these 'Dark Ages of economics' that has pushed the pendulum to its furthest point of ascent? Have we reached the point where the equilibrium forces are greater than the combined forces of all of the corrupt economic imbeciles who are desperately trying to preserve their house of cards? Or are we in one of the lesser business cycles where some kind of tweek can perpetuate the phantom a little longer?

The signs seem to indicate that this is the big one!

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