Marxians And Keynesians Destroyed The Dollar!

Like usual, the socialistic interventionists attack capital. This ignorance and economic fallacy is exactly why Karl Marx cannot ever be considered an economist with an alternative economic system. He illegitimately denied that capital is an essential economic reality.

And Keynes was not much different. He treated capital as some constant as if it was a non-economic factor. On top of that absurdity he built his bogus 'economic' model which has permitted the ego-driven interventionists to bring the world to the brink of total economic collapse.

That said, gold is not capital to be taxed. It is the medium of exchange of choice in a free world.

And it is such a powerful tool to eliminate the economic terrorism of the ego-driven interventionists that they will do everything in their power to resist the re-establishment of gold as the standard for all the world.

However, the forces of economic equilibrium are far, far, far greater than the puny resistance of the counterfeiters.

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