A Simple Definition Of The Value Of The Dollar.

What could be more simple than to know what the dollar is?

Such a simple question confounds all the 'economists' who are directly or indirectly on the payroll of the government which is being run by the ego-driven interventionists! Put to that question they hem and haw at best, or squirm and try to change the subject.

The instant the dollar is defined in terms of something real the fact that the Federal Reserve is merely a counterfeiting operation will become as obvious as the mid-day Sun!

So what we see is that even the simplest of questions reduces the unConstitutional coup and all of its minions to imbecility and illogical lies. Only oppressive secrecy can postpone the eventual return to a commodity-based money.

Soon and very soon the members of the inner circle of the unConstitutional coup will face retribution for their economic terrorism.

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