Washington D.C. Is A Grotesque Broken Window Fallacy!

Washington, D.C. is like an enormous and grotesque "Broken Window Fallacy!"

In "Economics In One Lesson" Henry Hazlitt reintroduced the logic of Fredrick Bastiat and exposed the ridiculousness of bad economics. Bad economics is economics that looks only at part of the consequences, which is what the economic nincompoops in Washington, D.C. greedily live off of.

Politicians (you know, the ego-driven interventionists) can only see the jobs that are created in the construction of the bridge to nowhere! Then there are the numerous legislative acts needed to handle the complications associated with ending up in 'nowhere.' For example, what is the environmental impact? Use benefit/cost analysis - but be sure to hire an analytical firm run by a friend who only cares about the benefits. And on and on.

Not only is Washington, D.C. the center of corruption but it is also the point where the parasitic tick is attached. It is sucking the blood of its host (the productive elements of society) and at the same time it is a carrier of numerous infectious diseases.

The vaccination craze being pushed by the corporatist/fascist/socialist power elite should be re-oriented towards removing the parasite and curing the diseases it introduced. The best first step is to END THE FED.

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