Will You Die Waiting For Unionized Health Care?

'Serving the public' is a slogan that cannot protect the public from all of the arbitrary rules of the czars.

In a classical liberalism society people will help each other because of respect and compassion and they will be free to do so. In contrast, in a society under the arbitrary rules of czars, the cry for help will go unheeded as the drones continue to pass the buck until it evaporates with no accountability, no respect, and no compassion.

It boils down to basically two types of individuals who end up going into 'public service.' One type are those who believed the slogans indoctinated during their exposure to public 'education' or media blitzes but then find themselves trapped in a system of corruption, hypocrisy and rigidity. The other type are those individuals who want exactly what the czars create - a hierarchal system of belligerents working to create a two-class society - the parasitic class and the class of victims.

In this hierarchal system the puppet politician that serves as the President is still just a drone. The queen bee, so to speak, is the inner circle of the unConstitutional coup which uses the counterfeiting of the Federal Reserve as its honey. Our job is to END THE FED and ultimately to starve the hive of liars, thieves, economic terrorists, and ego-driven interventionists.

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