Darkened Horizon, Not The Fictitious 'Green Shoots.'

When the 'green shoots' of stimulus are limited to the luxurious houseplants in the mansions of the well-connected friends of the Federal Reserve then it is very difficult to forget that the Keynesian policies of the economic terrorists in charge of the unConstitutional coup are blackening the American nation as you can see in this graphic presentation (http://cohort11.americanobserver.net/latoyaegwuekwe/multimediafinal.html).

The same economic charlatans who fertilized the private gardens of the corrupt overlords now say that more (We've heard it before: FEED ME!!!) is needed! Expect the process of the extinguishing of entrepreneurship to intensify as the plague of socialism and fascism blankets America.

The economic quacks and the unConstitutional coup will either be ousted by the masses who are being educated to be lovers of liberty or they will be ousted by the destruction of the dollar and that - predictably more destructive - chaos.

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