Gallup Poll Shows That Majority Rejects Government Health Care.

What is the reason the Congress is voting to adopt a fascist and socialist health care plan? To ask the question is to answer it.

The corruption of politicians by big money from the big money pharmaceuticals and other elements of the medical industrial complex blinds them and it is very evident that they no longer represent the people who elected them. The intertwining of government in this kind of corruption is a type of fascism.

Then there are the ideologues who think that socialism is the best way to make everyone equal, that is, everyone who is not a part of the power elite. These are the ones who run the lives and steal the wealth of the other ones who are the equally oppressed masses resulting from socialism. Socialism is a two class system of the oppressor and the oppressed.

So the battlelines are clear: reject these corrupt politicians who are really just a parasitic class trying to gorge themselves. Do not accept their phony legislation and do not re-elect any of them.

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