Ideological Change Is Unnoticed By Socialists.

When does an ideological change take place and what percentage of the populace is needed to 'get the ball rolling?'

Ideological change happens when there is a firm conviction that is basically overwhelming. In our case it is overwhelming because of the foundation of truth that is in classical liberalism. Ideological change happens when there is a light breaking like the dawn of a new day and there is an irresistable torrent of excitement in anticipation of its arrival. This is what we are feeling as lovers of liberty and justice.

It is true that in chemistry the smallest amount of a catalyst may trigger a reaction but we are humans not atoms. In our domain of subjectivism, deep in our subjectivist nature lies the answer to the question about what percentage of the populace is needed to 'get the ball rolling.' One thing is for sure - Ron Paul is generating an increase in percentages and so is the Mises Institute, and Peter Schiff, and Tom Woods, and the list is growing.

Ideological change is like a thunderstorm. It forms as a result of the prevailing conditions, it builds and has numerous layers, it is announced by thunder, and it carries a great charge of lightning, wind, rain and hail. It clears the air and afterwards everyone reaps the benefits and fixes those things that are worthwhile.

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