National Foreclosure Prevention Program Stinks Like Socialism.

Since the ones in control (the czars appointed to do the bidding of the unConstitutional coup) cannot fathom a market solution (they are mostly socialists but wholly ego-driven interventionists) they look around for political solutions. They see an initiative that they like for whatever reason - it could be that the negative consequences have not yet reared its ugly head, or it could be internal corruption from lobbying by political kingpins, or it could be some other fascist or socialist slant - and then they try to apply it at a grander scale.

In other words there are definitely unintended consequences but these are also consequences not even of primary importance to the grand scheme of power-grabbing. Are any of these czars affected personally since they are appointed not elected and since they can hide in the cancerous bureaucracy?

As long as the unConstitutional coup lives so too will all the consequences of its economic terrorism!

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