Will The FDIC Put Out The Fires Using Gasoline?

Let's cut out the middleman - the FDIC! The main reason is to make it very evident that the money going to the banks that do not have the reserves required to meet their obligations (bankrupt!) is really just being printed out of thin air.

With the FDIC serving as a vehicle for the transfer of new counterfeit money to those banks who had scandalous practices it is less obvious to everyone where the money comes from and how it is directly just a product of counterfeiting.

This is another example of the lack of transparency. The FDIC reserves and the boosting of their reserves mostly come from the sleight of hand. Remove the mirrors and all of the sudden the status of the FDIC will be a subject of much discussion and discontent.

Saying that banks are being 'saved' by the FDIC is like saying that an arsonist is doing his civic duty by calling the fire department to report the fire, and then the fire department asks the arsonist to watch and fill in an evaluation form!

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