Alternative Options To The Destruction Of The Dollar.

When our vision becomes global then all the intrigues and schemes become more noticeable.

Purposeful destruction of the dollar using the Federal Reserve could appear to be just plain stupidity and it is true that Bernanke has the credentials of a hyperinflationist. But the dollar is not being destroyed without a broader scheme. The ego-driven are impelled to recognize that the age of nation-building is coming to an end and their lust is now to enter into the next stage of human civilization with their blood-covered hands in control of the reigns.

A classical liberalism world society is the peaceful, prosperous and just alternative to the totalitarian State of the ego-driven interventionists.

It is therefore very obvious what time it is that we are living in. We are at the crux of the transition. If we fail, another generation in the future will have to fight the battle since - inevitably - the forces of economic equilibrium will not rest until the world is a classical liberalism society.

Thanks to the Mises Institute (and ultimately Ludwig von Mises' life work) we are probably ready and able to win this battle during this generation!

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