Answering Mainstream Questions About Bernanke's Coverup.

There is either: the right to ask questions or there is not the right. Although this right to ask questions is under attack by the unConstitutional coup we are still able to exercise this right in America. What has really been missing is the hint of independence by the media. Mainstream media has been forced into a complacency, just blindly accepting the government propaganda as if it is either true or as if it is in the national interest.

The propaganda fed to the media is neither true nor in the interest of our Constitutional Republic.

As a result of this right to ask questions we have mainstream media asking questions about the propaganda spewed by Ben Bernanke. He is lying about the role played by the Federal Reserve in the economic meltdown and he is treasonously serving the interests of the unConstitutional coup in its effort to hold onto its international monetary hegemony.

As Ron Paul said, the Federal Reserve will destroy itself no matter which pathway we follow but the opportunity now is to regain confidence in the market economy by returning to a commodity-backed currency, in other words, a sound money.

That act alone will greatly improve the ability of the economy to recover!

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