Comment That Bernanke Does 'Nothing Illegal.'

"since he does nothing illegal"

None of the individuals recently making comments and admitting that they have only a fragmented understanding of Austrian economics have had the integrity to comment on counterfeiting.

Counterfeiting has been 'illegal' in civilized society from the very beginning of trade between human beings. In fact it was not only illegal but a generation ago was considered worthy of the death penalty - like murder and arson - because it is such a heinous act.

Play games with words as much as you like. Go ahead and ask Ben Bernanke if it is 'illegal' to print money out of thin air. Take his word for it. Believe that war is peace, that counterfeiting is prosperity, that propaganda is education, that what you are studying is economics, and that the Nobel Prizes are just as free from political manipulations as Time magazine's "Person of the Year!"

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