'Counterfeit Kingpin' Exposes Time Magazine As A Tool.

For Time magazine to select Ben Bernanke as the person of the year is the most blatant statement yet seen, demonstrating the systematic control that is exercised over the media.

This is a pathetically desperate attempt to try to convince the American public that the Federal Reserve is not a racket - a counterfeit racket - used by the unConstitutional coup to expand its power and to do so by trying to incrementally undermine our Constitution.

Ever since it was created unconstitutionally in 1913 those in charge of the Federal Reserve have been expanding its powers and at some point it actually came to the point where it was realized that the Constitution was its only challenge. At that point it became an unConstitutional coup. Regardless of when exactly that happened our Constitutional Republic was discarded in favor of the designs of the members of the inner circle of the unConstitutional coup.

This counterfeiting operation is the source of their power and control, however now there is a general distrust and discontent among most Americans with regards the Federal Reserve.
Their solution: bombard the public with propaganda by announcing Bernanke as 'Person of the Year.'

Who else besides Time magazine is a tool?

Although it might shock you as an American to see how pervasive the influence of the unConstitutional coup is, pay attention to the media and see if there are any criticisms of this declaration that Bernanke is 'Person of the Year." Those who go along are either terrible in ethical journalism or are corrupted and connected to the treasonous unConstitutional coup.

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