Economic Costs Of Socialized Health Care.

How will you be affected by the socialized health care plan?

Of course you will watch the gradual atrophying of medical care as capital is consumed and regulations clog the decision-making process.

But what about the economic consequences resulting from the tax increases? I suggest that you read the article written by Eric Staib.

Now that you have read the article, are you directly affected? Are you indirectly affected by the disruption of civilized life that will be brought about by this socialistic scheme?

The Soviet Union collapsed because the capital stock of Russia was completely dissipated and the people no longer accepted the massive burdens of socialism. Hopefully the tradition of liberty in America will stop our trip down the Road to Serfdom before we are engulfed in the smog of socialism. Otherwise we will have to suffer for a few generations, until all our wealth and capital stock is totally wiped out, before the shackles of socialism are eventually cast off.

Act now by revolting against socialism and fascism. Act now by educating yourself and others about the virtues of classical liberalism. Classical liberalism is a beautiful and peaceful and prosperous and just alternative to interventionism. Make your voice heard before our voices are suppressed by the statists.

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