Foreign Policy And Domestic Economy Resemble Soviet Union And Zimbabwe!

Q: What do you call someone who foolishly endangers Americans and wastes the resources of the nation and who opposes returning to a sound money?

A: President!

Q: How soon before the total collapse of Zimbabwe did Mugabe clamp down on the banks and require them to do his ill-conceived and economically destructive bidding?

A: At about the same time in the sequence of events (comparing the U.S to Zimbabwe) that leads to astronomical hyperinflation.

Q: What is the name of the homeland?

A: Kenya and Zimbabwe.

Q: What is the oppressive philosophical basis of the education of these individuals?

A: Socialism.

Q: What is the means?

A: Political.

Q: How does that translate?

A: Dictatorial pronouncements and collusion with the fascists.

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