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It seems that those interested in classical liberalism, and Austrian economics specifically, should find it relatively easy to understand that there are different ways of perceiving what has happened, what is going on, and what will occur in the future. Afterall, it is subjectivism that is at the heart.

Also, part of the subjectivism is the irresistable human search after truth with whatever tools we have at our disposal. Use of those tools can be done politely or discourteously. Of course we are all constantly refining ourselves so there has to be some leeway.

But what about the insincere, and who has the right to identify them as such? Can someone who blocks themselves from grasping subjectivism actually be in a refinement process? Not if they fit into the mold of the 'eternal skeptic' encountered by Murray Rothbard and his friends in the above story.

We can distinguish ourselves from the insincere by recognizing our subjective nature and by being courteous in our investigations. Those who are insincere will become obvious.

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