Please China, Boycott The U.S.!!!

Maybe China will 'boycott' the U.S. to emphasize its displeasure with the threats at the Copenhagen climate summit by the President of the largest debtor nation in the history of the world. A boycott may be what it takes (for what appears to be prominent ears) to hear what China is saying: "Do not disregard our national sovereignty!"

Either this voice offered by China was not heard or it was disrespected. Either way to threaten to spy on China (and other nations) using satelites is only a small step short of an outright challenge. What does the U.S. do when it faces any challenge in diplomacy? It applies sanctions!

A boycott by China is like a sanction. It resembles a sanction because most of the time these sanctions (applied by the U.S.) are acts of economic warfare. But since the Congress is never consulted anymore about wars of any kind the true nature of these sanctions by the U.S. is economic terrorism.

However in this case China is not the aggressor and so its sanctions would be defensive.

Why, you may ask, am I suggesting that China protect itself from the imperialistic unConstitutional coup in the United States? First of all, it is their right. Second of all, because the instant China stops financing the debt of the unConstitutional coup it will begin to fall apart which is good news for the world and especially good news for America.

We want our Constitutional Republic back!

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