Rand Paul, Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, And The Return Of Justice.

Rand Paul will educate many people during his campaign which is what causes the unConstitutional coup to get nervous. How many classical liberalism educators and true statesmen does it take to expose the unConstitutional coup to public scrutiny?

One, Ron Paul, is already more than they can handle!

Combine that with the fact that they are representing southern states and all of the sudden there is a powder keg situation.

Peter Schiff and Rand Paul in the Senate and Ron Paul in the House of Representatives and the grassroots changes taking place here and there and everywhere, all amount to a return to an ethics where the Constitution is recognized as the rule of law.

The economic equilibrium forces are about to destroy the unConstitutional coup and now the election process which they thought was fully rigged is about to rise like a phoenix and expose that same traitorous unConstitutional coup.

Hold on to your hats!

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