States Rights Are Gaining Importance!

Not only is this important for the future - to facilitate the establishment of classical liberalism societies working together all around the world peacefully and prosperously - but it is vitally important now to prevent the annihilation of the Constitutional Republic in America.

The unConstitutional coup is uncontrollably expanding under the incompetent watch of the Congress. These elected representatives - Congress - are either beholden to the unConstitutional coup by some corrupt arrangement or they are so thoroughly indoctrinated by the propaganda that they regarded as their 'education' throughout their lives that they have become imbecilic. Either way they sit idle as the Constitution is trampled upon and slashed and even defecated upon by the traitorous unConstitutional coup.

There is a hierarchy in this corrupt system of government and the States are fed only table scraps. Now as socialism and fascism intensifies even the scraps are consumed so the States are in danger of facing an irate citizenry in a weakened and hungry condition. The States are juxtaposed in between the citizens and the higher-ups (the coup and its minions), that is, the economic terrorists directing the expansion of the powers of the unConstitutional coup.

This position of the States - starving yet exposed - is being recognized by the States. At last they are coming to the realization that things are backwards. The States are supposed to be the principal representative level of government in our Constitutional Republic.

It is the right and responsibility of the States to prevent (but now to terminate) the coup. The first step, which is now being taken, is to expose the illegality of all the layers of corruption associated with the unConstitutional coup.

The next step is to recognize that it is time for real "change." It is time for Constitutional change. It is time to restore the full Constitutional rights to the States in our Constitutional Republic.

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