Statism Uses Ego-Driven Interpretation To Grow The State.

Although the State relies heavily on ego-driven interpreters it is driven mostly by ego-driven interventionists. Religion, on the other hand, has been riddled (literally) with ego-driven interpretation.

"Can it really be that simple?" Simple is something like: the Sun comes up and it is daytime. That which is ego-driven is hidden, hiding in the shadows. It is not simple; but we are fortunate to have minds that can go well beyond the simple.

It is not simple to find classical liberalism in the mud and muck of the indoctrination of the State. Nor is it simple to remove the veils that mask the religious prejudices promulgated by, on one end, and also created by the ego-driven interpreters, on the other.

"And, if Islam prevails you won't be able to stay out of the way." It is the corrupt combination of ego-driven interpretation of religion, and the State (ego-driven intervention to amass more power) that is bowling over societies and destroying societies. U.S. imperialism towing along anti-Islam is one example that is as clear as day to those who have recognized how the State uses religion (and the media and the education system, etc.) to serve its purposes.

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