Subjectivism Powerfully Illuminates New Territories!

'Ego-driven interventionism' is not a catch phrase. If someone is just beginning to encounter the classical liberalism literature and comes upon 'time preference' and because they do not quite grasp its meaning calls it a catch phrase, that is a misunderstanding. Likewise to some - and I grant this much - the term 'ego-driven interventionism' may sound like a catch phrase but it is not. There are two destroyers of civilization that have been identified in the divine economy theory and they are: ego-driven intervention and ego-driven interpretation.

I do not think that it is necessary for a person to know anything about the divine economy theory to recognize the meaning behind these two (new) terms.

And a second point of clarification: It is easy to misunderstand the meaning of the divine economy theory if you don't know what it is. If a person recognized that humans have a physical body like an animal but did not want to acknowledge the intellectual distinction then there would be a significant limitation to any scientific pursuit by that individual. It follows then that denying that the human spirit is a part of the human reality also puts limits on scientific discovery.

The divine economy theory is purely scientific even if such a thing does not seem possible to those who have preconceived thoughts about what 'divine' means. Unless the subjectivist methodology is incorrect, it is not correct to think that the divine economy theory is not scientific.

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