U.S. Senators Assess Bernanke's Job Performance.

It is easy to see who are the pawns of the unConstitutional coup and who are the ones who are 'independent' of political bribery.

The reason there is hope for our Constitutional Republic is because there are a few individuals who have the intelligence and the principles and the moral courage to speak on behalf of the people instead of for the corrupt hierarchy that circles around the unConstitutional coup.

Listen to Jim Bunning's assessment of the job performance of Ben Bernanke. He sternly identifies Bernanke as the embodiment of 'moral hazard' and Bernanke impishly smiles!

Listen to Jim DeMint's inquiry into the secrecy of the Federal Reserve and his renewed commitment to make Congress more informed about the true nature of what the Federal Reserve is doing, and making Congress more able to protect the citizens from moral hazard and other theft and shenanigans.

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