Who Else Besides Bernanke Could Be The Federal Reserve Chairman?

Who would be the best counterfeiter?

Helicopter Ben did not get that nickname for nothing. He is so indoctrinated by economic fallacies that he actually spoke openly, while pursuing his ambition to become the chairman of the Federal Reserve, about never allowing a lack of cash to stifle the economy. He used the analogy of throwing dollars out of a helicopter if that is what it took!

Who could be a better counterfeiter? Could some other ambitious economic imbecile make an even more exagerated claim, like, imposing a regulation on banks that permits everyone to go into any bank whenever they want and take out as much as they want. This surely would put out of business the small time crooks - the bankrobbers - but it sure would make it very evident how the whole racket is nothing but theft.

Such a bold counterfeiting scheme may not win approval. How can that much money be made available? The same criticism goes for Bernanke's helicopter scheme. There are other requirements other than just printing the money. The counterfeit scheme has to include electronic transfers and sly distribution.

So we are then back to square one, who is the best counterfeiter? Bernanke has made all kinds of secret arrangements with the Treasury Department, and with central banks around the world, and with Wall Street scoundrels, which gives him the upper hand. These sleazy and corrupt arrangements made Bernanke 'Person of the Year." Apparently he is the best counterfeiter!

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