Why Can Lying Politicians Speak Doubletalk And Get Away With It?

The table is set, that's why!

The Nobel Prizes are being used as part of the propaganda machine to set the table for 'dinner to be served.' In this case the 'dinner' is just an imperialist pathway to a world government run by the same thieves who now are hiding behind the central banks.

The 'cooks' have cooked the books of all these central banks using the dollar to create a system of international monetary hegemony. The fact that the meal (interventionism) is made with rotten food (Keynesianism) has caused the cooks to hurriedly seek some palate cleanser to buy some time.

What they have decided to do is use militarism to distract the attention away from the poisonous food (the collapsing economy) and, like bondslaves, the Nobel Committee did the bidding of these economic terrorists. They declared that war is peace (Obama), that quackery is economics (Krugman), and that the pseudoscience of environmental extortion by the likes of Al Gore is stewardship.

With the table set the politicians blatantly lie and the media just goes along! The world responds like a bunch of cowards!

Question these liars. Educate yourselves and others about the principles of classical liberalism. And pray that the powerful force of economic equilibrium destroys the petty and corrupt designs of the ego-driven.

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