Counterfeiting Is The Heinous Crime Of The Federal Reserve.

We have turned the corner! Geithner's disgrace at the very apex - the Treasury Secretary, appointed by the President and Bernanke's right hand man - signals that the time now is not for more slow, logical, disassembly of the myths of the Federal Reserve.

Rather it is time for immediate and persistent demands for an end to the counterfeiting operation of the unConstitutional coup. The Federal Reserve is behind all of this corruption.

Its counterfeiting is what is causing the U.S. to go to war all over the world. Every dead or maimed or disoriented American soldier and every dead innocent bystander around the world is because of the funny money pumped via its corrupt political chums into the economy like heroin into a junkie's vein!

Every economic problem is either directly or indirectly the result of the counterfeiting done by the Federal Reserve.

The political corruption that is rampant is because of the counterfeiting of the Federal Reserve.

Our Constitutional Republic which has been usurped by the unConstitutional coup is almost completely extinguished because of the counterfeiting operation that has bankrupted our country.

Stop the counterfeit ring - END THE FED!

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