An Education Revolution Is Being Demanded By Young People Especially.

Another Brick in the Wall!

There is not much that is independent about a brick. What is required of a brick is that all of the other bricks are of the same value. This is the exact opposite of education. True education is what enables an individual to mature and become an independent thinker.

The wall, composed of bricks, is a barrier. It 'protects' us from what is on the other side and it also keeps us from leaving. This is the definite intention of public education. It is designed to indoctrinate, to incorporate the propaganda of the State, and to have no or very, very few options to leave.

This is the exact opposite of education. True education is the fostering of truth-seeking in a manner that is unrestrained as the wind. The wind is not held back by any wall, in fact if it has to, it will blow the wall over!

In the United States the education system perpetuates the misinformation and propaganda of the unConstitutional coup. The funding crisis that is looming because the nation is bankrupt is caused by the economic terrorism of the unConstitutional coup. Educate yourself and others about that and then instead of bricks and walls we will have the breezes of liberty and justice moving in revolutionary patterns across the land.

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