Haiti Will Spread Its Poverty To Its Keynesian Big Brother.

Time and place.

First, place - it is unfortunate that Haiti is so close to the U.S. It is within easy reach and it is so close that our bankruptcy would be so overwhelmingly obvious to the world if we did nothing or even if we did something less than a complete takeover. How would that look - 'the greatest nation on the earth' is too broke to help its neighbor, perhaps the poorest nation?

Which brings us to the time - Without this natural disaster the U.S. would have had to do something drastic to try to rally support for the withering leviathan. Uncontrollably this was the time to divert attention and shock the patriotism out of people.

The irony is that people can only take so much shock, before recoiling. This external shock dissipates the energy into oblivion instead of towards obedience to a fascist/socialistic creed passed off as American.

Now is the time and America is the place where the economic collapse of Keynesianism makes a big bang.

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