'Intelligence Gathering' Is Arbitrary And It Leads To Death And Destruction.

Intelligence gathering!

If information is what they are really after then why is there a restriction placed on our own troops to access educational websites like Campaign For Liberty and LewRockwell.com?

Clearly the information is being filtered and propagandized and the result of this type of disinformation eventually shows up as death and destruction. The power of arbitrary selection of 'information' placed in the hands of the unConstitutional coup and the military industrial complex puts American troops and also all Americans living anywhere in the world in harms way.

Instead of 'gathering intelligence' it would be infinitely better to simply exercise intelligence!

Instead of stupidly tolerating the belligerence and economic terrorism of the unConstitutional coup it is time to permit our troops to learn that in the oath that they swore to uphold they are required to defend our Constitutional Republic against enemies foreign and domestic. It is the domestic enemies - the unConstitutional coup (and all of its traitorous liasons) - that needs to be brought to a halt.

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