Lord Acton's Axiom Is True If The Obsolete And Destructive State Exists.

We can assume that Lord Acton penned that axiom based on observation and based on his understanding of the subjective nature of human beings.

Well, observation is what it is. It can only be as good as the world around, that is, if that is the way the 'world' will be forever then that is an observation that will hold true. And the subjective nature of human beings is just that, it is subjective. If the ethics of the culture is different, then by definition, the subjective nature that is influenced by the ethics (ethics which form and transform as society transforms) takes on a different characteristic.

This same limitation applies to the study by Joris Lammers at Tilburg University, in the Netherlands, and Adam Galinsky at Northwestern University, in Illinois. I am not surprised by their findings. They do confirm the axiom of Lord Acton.

Consider the cultural condition of this period of study (including during the time of Lord Acton). Everyone consciously and unconsciously thinks that the State exists! That is the flaw that creates this deviant behavior stemming from pseudo-power. As long as the State exists Lord Acton's axiom will hold true!

But the fact of the matter is: the State is a fraudulent institution, totally unnecessary and therefore, if we operate under the assumption that human civilization will continually advance there will come a time when this fraudulent institution will be recognized as both obsolete and destructive. For that reason it will be discarded.

Of course it will not be discarded in favor of a vacuum. It will be discarded for a better system. The foundation of that system will rest upon the principles of classical liberalism.

Consultation by individuals will be one of the magnificent tools used then to solve problems. Individuals who exhibit the most noble virtues will be elected to be on principal consultative bodies to handle the more complex problems. As individuals they will have not authority, only the consultative bodies will have authority and they will be composed of individuals chosen annually by secret ballot with no electioneering. Desiring to be elected is enough of a negative quality to disqualify such an individual in the eyes of the voters.

Apart from this existence of an institution that facilitates consultative decision-making, the rest of human life will simply operate peacefully, prosperously, and with justice according to the principles of classical liberalism. The rich diversity of these classical liberalism societies will be part of the beauty and magnificence of the worldwide classical liberalism civilization on our blessed planet.

And so scientifically the axiom of Lord Acton is true as long as there is a State.

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