Obama, Like Chavez, Touts And Uses A Freeze As A Smokescreen!

How many people out there understand that the government wants inflation? Most people believe the government propaganda - hook, line and sinker - that it fights against inflation.

The government statistics are manufactured as part of the propaganda designed to under-report inflation. This gives the false impression that the government is trying to keep inflation low. Plus the government has its 'inflation fighter' the Federal Reserve to battle against inflation for the people's sake!

What propaganda could be more blatantly full of lies than these two? All data that show inflation are removed from the index to prevent it from 'skewing' the inflation rate! Their indexes are as bogus as the Madoff ponzi scheme.

The Federal Reserve is not an inflation fighter. The Federal Reserve is nothing but a counterfeiting operation for the unConstitutional coup! It pumps money into the system, specifically through the channels that benefit those who collaborate with the unConstitutional coup, and it debases the currency so that the government's massive debt can be paid back with a depreciated dollar.

The Federal Reserve is unconstitutional in addition to being a counterfeit operation.

We, the citizens of what is supposed to be a Constitutional Republic, are being lied to. The government propaganda about inflation is as far from the truth as it can possibly be.

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