Politicians Are Corrupted In Democracies.

What happens to a politician as his or her power grows?

First of all the desire to be a politician is necessarily a corruption of character. Rare as it is, there is an alternative way to be of service that is not ego-driven. A statesman is completely different from a politician.

So, the starting point for the politician is already lustful and ego-driven. Success along this path does nothing but encourage the further depreciation of character. The keys to success in democracy - and one of the reasons democracy is so vile - are putting into place socialism and fascism. Lying and scheming are the necessary skills to accomplish these corrupt practices.

As power grows in the hands of the politician they become more and more a two-fold persona. Sometimes it is in their interest to take a stance as a socialistic fascist to achieve maximum power and at other times it is in their interest to act in the manner of a fascistic socialist.

And then as they rise through the ranks and become a well-known politician they have to show another side which is their side as an ordinary person, a husband or a wife, or as a 'family man' so to speak. These multiple personas contribute to the psychosis and is pushed along by the nature of the politician to be ego-driven.

In that perverse state, ego-driven interpretation intensifies and stimulates an irresistable desire for more and more ego-driven interventionism. This is the same cycle as earlier but now it is more influential over their conscience and ultimately this leads to the lack of conscience.

This explains their actions such as bombing innocent people.

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