Washington, D.C. Is In A Fog Created By The Evaporation Of Our Dollar!

The fog is thick and periodically some figure emerges from the fog to announce that the corrupt things done, that are out of sight because of the fog, are not of concern! Instead we are asked to trust that the destroyers of the dollar - the ones causing it to evaporate - can see clearly despite the fact that the fog is just getting impenetrably thicker.

In contrast, another voice is heard by increasingly more and more. It is a clarion call and like a beacon streaming from a lighthouse it is sending out a message of liberty and self-reliance. Both of these qualities stem from and are fortified by the study of classical liberalism which is the root of our Constitutional Republic.

The contrast is between the statesmanship of Ron Paul and the economic terrorism of the unConstituional coup and its agents.

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