Austrian Economics Is Touted As The Remedy!

And why not, it is the only economic school of thought that predicted what has happened (and by the way, the only economic school of economic thought that can predict what is going to happen!) and it is what everyone needs to explore. To remain ignorant of Austrian economics is to remain ignorant. Is there anyone not affected by the economy? Are you going to hand over your responsibility to be an intelligent adult to some ambitious parasitic politician or to some economic quack who follows the counterfeiting of Keynesianism?

Not only young people find exploring economic theory fascinating. But first, regardless of age, you have to discard into the rubbish the gobbledygook of empirical economics which is being passed off as economics.

Austrian economics uses subjectivism which means that it reads like logical thinking and within a few minutes after reading Austrian economics you will realize that you understand economics because it is an integral part of how you function every minute of every day!

There is especially no reason for young people or anyone who accesses the internet to be ignorant about Austrian economics. The best place to start is to go to the website of the Mises Institute -

Be concerned with the needs and exigencies of the Age in which you live and carry forward an ever-advancing civilization!

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