Ben Bernanke Has A Very Challenging Task.

I enjoyed the scenario that you provided, showing the struggles of an empirical economist. When empirical economists sit back and pontificate about how the economy works and play around with equations and graphs it all seems so real. And so it was; confidently Professor Ben Bernanke entered into the position of the high priest of empirical economics.

It is a shame that the real world does not obey or tolerate ivory tower quackery!

So the truth is revealed. Ben Bernanke is an ego-driven interpreter of empirical data and his thoughts are simply vain imaginings. True to his creed, and subservient to the unConstitutional coup, Bernanke tries desperately as an ego-driven interventionist to make something work.

When all else fails there is only one recourse for Bernanke since he knows his role is as the chief counterfeiter and since his 'education' taught him to go after the deflation bogeyman - and that recourse is to 'throw money from a helicopter.'

Bernanke is dimwitted and ambitious. That is his legacy and why he is so potentially destructive.

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